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 What is the Pupil Premium? The National Picture

The Pupil Premium was introduced by the Government in April 2011. It was designed to give additional money to support schools in raising the attainment of children who receive free school meals, children whose parents serve in the Armed Forces and those children in local authority care. Those groups of children were identified nationally as achieving at a lower level than children from less disadvantaged backgrounds. For example, national figures showed that 11 year olds who were eligible for Free School Meals, were around twice as likely not to achieve Level 4 in maths and English as other 11 year olds.

Miss Pitman - Pupil Premium Lead



At Abbeymead, we apply 'Premium 1st' principles to support our most disadvantaged child in becoming 'Ready for Life'. Therefore, we use the Pupil Premium funding to maximise achievement by:

  • Identifying barriers, monitor progress and amend interventions to ensure effective teaching and learning takes place.
  • Using funding to help remove barriers to success by ensuring the provision of targeted support and enrichment opportunities that promote core skills.
  • Working closely with parents and carers to support children with their learning.
  • Working with all members of the school community to ensure children make expected or better than expected progress, by ensuring high-quality teaching and feedback.
  • Ensuring all members of the school community have high expectations of pupils to achieve.
  • Ensuring disadvantaged children remain a high accountability group by maintaining a high profile with staff.
  • Encouraging pupils to have high aspirations for their future by providing a fair environment, where all are encouraged to achieve.
  • Supporting pupils in developing a Growth Mindset and encourage them to have high aspirations for their future by providing a fair environment, where all are encouraged to achieve.

“It is for schools to decide how the Pupil Premium, allocated to schools…. is spent, since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils within their responsibility.” (Source – DfE website)

The funding is therefore given to schools to spend as they think best, although there is a requirement to publish online how this money is spent.

For more details on the Pupil Premium please visit:

Ongoing support

Extended Hours

  • Extended hours through the Pyramid Clubs for children in Year 6, sport's clubs and other clubs identified by need throughout the year.

Uniform Grant

  • School Uniform grant for children receiving Free School Meals. 
  • For further information please contact the office or email 

Parent Support

  • If you would like to discuss the support your child is receiving through the Pupil Premium grant, please email to arrange an appointment.
Continued support for families and children receiving the Pupil Premium Grant.
  • Regular daily intervention in Literacy and Numeracy for all Pupil Premium Children. 
  • Free Breakfast Club place for all Pupil Premium children currently receiving Free School Meals.


Free School Meals -


Reading during the school closure:

Access to books and audio books on-line can be found on both websites below

 If there is anything further we can do to support your child reading at home, please email me at


Maths during the school closure:

We have bought a subscription for every child that is eligible for Pupil Premium funding for Mathletics and I have emailed every parent with log-in details. Please email me at with any queries. There is so much to try out on there!! Here's a quick guide of what's included and a user guide in more detail. 



Writing during the school closure:

We gave out Pie Corbett's Booklet 1 to support you in using 'Talk for Writing'. Here is the link for Booklet 2 if you wish to download any at home:

Most importantly, I hope you are all safe and well,

Miss Pitman

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