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Maths at Abbeymead

Watch this space for more information on our partnership with the Glow Maths Hub for their Mastering Number at Reception and KS1 programme!

Abbeymead Calculation Guidance 

The school’s Calculation Guidance is available below by mathematical operation. We hope this guidance will help you to help your child with written methods in maths at home. 






What does maths look like at Abbeymead?

At Abbeymead, we aim for all children to ...

  • be confident mathematicians who achieve their potential - and beyond!
  • develop a 'can do' attitude
  • love maths and understand the role of maths in the 'real world'
  • become confident to apply their knowledge to solve problems, both in maths lessons and in other curriculum subjects 

What does problem solving look like at Abbeymead?

'The national curriculum for mathematics aims to ensure that all pupils.....become fluent......reason mathematically..... and can solve problems.' 

Engaging children in problem-centered learning allows them to see connections within and between content areas. Our children are developing the ability to employ and select appropriateness of a variety of strategies to find solutions. Problem-centered learning creates a model where our children become the thinker and is engaged in a self-directed search for answers.

When we are teaching children how to solve problems, we use these strategies.


Times tables - How can you help at home?

At Abbeymead we are committed to equipping all children with mathematical life skills. Learning their times tables is KEY! Children need to become fluent in their times tables through varied and frequent practice so that they are able to recall and apply their knowledge rapidly and accurately to problems.

A parents guide to learning times tables

What can you do to help your child learn their times tables?


Times Table Rockstars!
All children in Years 2-6 have got a times table rockstars account which they can use in school and at home. The website is
Here are some other links to websites that your children can use to practise their times tables: 


Important Documents

Glossary of mathematical terms

Knowledge and Skills Progression across year groups


Making Maths part of everyday life

Maths ideas calendars and books

Maths ideas catalogues and car journey

Maths ideas in the kitchen and park

Maths ideas number plates and swimming pool

Maths ideas shopping and walking home



Useful websites



Coolmath4kids is an amusement park of maths games and much more, specially designed for fun, fun, FUN!


 Topmarks is a search engine designed for primary aged pupils.  This website will link you straight to appropriate maths games and activities as well as allowing you to search for specific maths units.


 Nrich have homes for students of different ages, and have homes for teachers of different age groups. If you are a parent or carer, we suggest that you start with the Teacher Guide. In your home you'll find the latest resources we have added to our collections, and they'll keep you up to date with open problems and events.




Primary Games is a website full of interactive games, which allows children to apply their maths learning in really fun ways!


BBC Schools is another great resource which is absolutely free. Click here to access the well known BBC Bitesize resources too.


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