Ready for Life Awards

Finding our inner super hero and being the best we can be. 

                 Platinum Award Winners

2020-2021  Presented by Anna McNuff Adventurer

2020-2021  Presented by Anna McNuff Adventurer

2021-2022  Presented by Rizpah Amadasun Artist   

2021-2022  Presented by Rizpah Amadasun Artist   

2022-23 Prented by Has Norat Gloucester Feed the Hungry

2022-23 Prented by Has Norat Gloucester Feed the Hungry

The RFL Awards aim to:

  • Strengthen community links, making the most of what is on offer locally
  • Build character and resilience
  • Be an inclusive awards scheme, relevant to our children and our community
  • Celebrate successes across all year groups, no matter how small
  • Provide children with enhancement activities to ensure our children are ‘Ready for Life’
  • Support mental health and well-being
  • Further develop links between school and home
  • Build your child’s ‘cultural capital’ – the essential knowledge that children need to be educated citizens
  • Help support and enhance family relationships
  • Encourage our children to become lifelong learners


What awards are there?

There are five separate awards; the Take Notice Award, the Keep Learning Award, the Give and Be Kind Award, the Be Active and Healthy Award and the Global Citizenship and Cultural Awareness Award.

Each award has four levels to work towards and depending on what year group your child is in; depends on what their starting point is. EYFS will start at Bronze, Year 1 and 2 will start at Silver Level, and Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 will all start at Gold level before later moving onto Platinum. Your child we need to have started KS2 before they can begin the Gold level.


 Your child will have a list of activities to choose from at each level. At Bronze level the children have to achieve 10 of the listed activities, at Silver level they will have to achieve 20 activities, Gold 10 activities and Platinum 5 activities. They will be given their own Ready for Life Award booklet which lists all the activities. At all levels the children are able to identify a number of their own activities that might not be on the list but which they may feel are important and relevant to that award. All they need to do is write a brief overview of the activity in one of the blank boxes. Once your child has completed an activity you will need to sign in the corresponding box to the right. To achieve the Platinum Level your child will take part in an exhibition at the Christmas or Summer Fair, displaying evidence of their Platinum Level activities. A member of the school Senior Leadership Team will support your children in creating their exhibit of evidence.

The majority of the activities are designed to be completed at home but staff members will be actively planning opportunities within school to support the awards. Teachers will notify you via email and Twitter when these have happened so you can sign off the appropriate activity.


Do I have to keep evidence of every activity?

Only at Platinum Level. Although keeping evidence of each activity at Bronze, Silver, Gold Levels is not compulsory it would be lovely if your child could keep a record of their hard work in an electronic or physical scrap book which they could then share with their class once they have completed each level. We would also welcome you tweeting us pictures of your child completing activities through our school Twitter page and/ or emails to the year group sharing your successes. We hope to share some of the evidence in assemblies and also in the school newsletter.


How can my child move up through the awards?

Once your child has completed the allocated number of activities for the level you will need to send in your child’s book signed off so their class teacher can record their achievement. They will receive an award and will then be eligible to start the next level. At Bronze, Silver and Gold Level the award will be a certificate and these will be presented during assembly. On achievement of Platinum Level they will receive a lapel badge to wear on their school uniform and parents will be invited in to attend the presentation. If your child completes the Platinum Level in all awards they will receive the Ready for Life trophy and this will be presented at a special event which parents will be invited to attend.

Class teachers will be asking your child to hand in their booklets at the end of each term to see how the children in their class are progressing and whether individuals may need further support from school.


Does my child have to take part?

The awards scheme is not compulsory but we would love to see as many children involved as possible as we truly believe taking part will contribute to your child’s wellbeing.  It will be up to your child to decide how they want to work towards the awards. They can choose to work towards just one award, a few awards or all of them.

Over the year we will be running a range of incentives to encourage the children and wider family to participate in the award scheme e.g. raffles, extra dojo points and photos of achievers in the school newsletter.