Abbeymead Primary School

Our Legacy Projects

What does it mean to leave a legacy? It means putting a stamp on the future, and making a contribution to future generations.

 Here at Abbeymead Primary School, we work hard to provide our children with unique opportunities that are on top of the normal curriculum offer. These opportunities often inspire our pupils to make a difference in the wider world.

Commonwealth Games Ambassadors 

A group of our Year 5 children took on the role of 'Commonwealth Games Ambassadors'. Their role was to learn about The Commonwealth and the Commonwealth Games and to then share their knowledge with the rest of the school. They went on to organise a whole school Commonwealth Games in line with the actual event. Their hard work was recognised by the Rotary Club and as a result they were invited to join them for lunch and present their ideas to the club. The Rotary Club were so impressed they went on to win tickets to the actual Commonwealth Games

Gloucestershire Young Photographer of the Year Award

Each year, we encourage as many children as possible to enter the Gloucestershire Young Photographer of the Year Award. We have won the 'Best Primary School' Award for the last two years and many of our children have received awards, including the top prize. 

Ready for Life Awards

Our co-curriculum, The’ Ready for Life’ Award Scheme goes beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum in providing experiences outside of the classroom that further support our pupils in becoming responsible, balanced and well-informed members of society. We are grateful to our parent community for their cooperation in implementing the scheme. so. For more information on the awards, please click here

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