If you are interested in enrolling your child into the Club, it is very important that you read the Policies and Procedures. Please complete a Booking and Registration Form which can be downloaded below.


The Breakfast Club is managed by the school and staffed by Kerry O'Neill, Supervisor, Dani Dunn, Assistant, Sylvia Wodja, Catering Assistant and James Butler, Fitness Assistant.


We are able to accommodate children aged 4-11.  We are open every weekday during term time, excluding  in-service days and bank holidays, from 7.40 – 8.25am. Your child(ren) can be dropped off at the Hall door from KS1 playground, at any time between these times but breakfast is only served until 8.15am. 



The booking system for Breakfast Club is changing to a Google Form. To book a place for your child for the Autumn term, please click the link below and complete the form:

Booking Form for Breakfast Club - Autumn Term 

Please note that the pricing is also changing - to £3.50 per session, with breakfast included.



The current Breakfast Club costs are listed below for supervised care with quiet activities and 80p per day extra for breakfast.   Payment must be made a term in advance by Parent Pay or cheque payable to Abbeymead Primary School with your child's name and A.B.C. written on the back and sent to the office.             

Payments will not be accepted at Breakfast Club.  


Option 1: Breakfast Club. 7:40am - 8:25am - £2.70

Option 2: Breakfast Club. 7.55am - 8:25am - £2.10


To secure your child's place, Booking and Registration forms must be completed 

and returned to the school office.  

You are able to join at any time throughout the term, however two weeks notice in advance is required.

We look forward to a long and flourishing club.


Set up and initial costs have been provided by the Pupil Premium Funding.







ABC Policies and Procedures 2023/2024

ABC Policies and Procedures 2024/2025


Booking Form for Breakfast Club - Autumn Term