Abbeymead Primary School

Our Abbeymead Attitudes

At Abbeymead Primary School we actively promote positive attitudes and place a strong emphasis on strategies which support this. This year, we have launched our new Abbeymead Attitudes and these have been introduced to the children as the 5R’s


Ready to Learn Resilient Resourceful Respectful Reflective

I am a focussed learner.

I try my best.

I have the things I need to learn.

I will always have a go.

I am positive about my learning.

I learn from my mistakes and never give up.

I can use the resources I am given.

I can be independent.

I read my next steps and use them in my work.

I am polite and kind.

I can help my friends.

I can celebrate when my friends do well.

I can listen to others and work well in a group.

I make good choices.

I can explain how I feel.

I can understand how others feel.


The children will have the opportunity to reflect on these attitudes as a self-evaluation which will be completed at the beginning of each term with their teachers. It is intended to support pupil development across the school.

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