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Distance Learning Week commencing 18th January 2021

Spring 1

Suggested timetable for week commencing 18.1.2021

Zoom Schedule



Maths - Improper fractions to mixed numbers

Maths Weekly Overview (Week 3)

Pre Fluency

Pre Fluency Answers

Success Criteria

Fluency ladder (with answers)

Reasoning (with answers)

Problem Solving (with answers)

Digging Deeper 1 + 2 (With answers)



English Overview WC 18.01.21

Monday_SPaG Starter_English

Tuesday_Main Activity_English

Wednesday_Compound sentences activities

Wednesday_ANSWERS for compound activity

Thursday_Character descriptions

Thursday_Character Description Help

Thursday_Figurative Language Help

Friday_History Hackers: Roman Rescue snippet

Friday_Character planning


Reading Activity timetable

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Wednesday 60 second reads 1

60 second read 1 answers

Wednesday 60 second reads 2

Wednesday 60 second read 2 answers

Chapters 11 and 12

Thursday Boudicca 1

Thursday Boudicca 1 answers

Thursday Boudicca 2 (includes answers)

Friday's session is a Zoom read with Mrs. C



*Please click and read the guidance below. Originally this would have been taught over a few weeks in school, so please don't panic and think you have to fit this in in 2 lessons! We've renamed it 'Mini Project' to reflect this.

Italy 'Mini Project' Guidance



Italy PowerPoint with Mrs Wheeldon Speaking 

Italy PowerPoint Only

Italy Case Study - PowerPoint as Video


'Session 1' resources - Dolomite Mountains and Cambrian Mountains 

See think wonder activity (Further photos of Italy)

See think wonder template

Travel Brochure Template (Dolomites v Cambrian)


'Session 2' resources - River Po Italy 

Topographical features Italy

Planning sheets River Po Report 

Planning sheets River Po Report - PDF Format

WAGOLLS  (What A Good One Looks Like) and templates 
Have a look at these to help you decide how you would like to present your report on the River Po.

WAGOLL Italy Fact File

WAGOLL report with images

WAGOLL report

Template options for report

River Po Report Checklist



History Learning Mat_WC 18.01.21

Boudicca task




 Roman Mosaic Making


End of week Foundation subject activities

Friday's ABC activity

Friday's Music activity




Summer 2:

Week 1 - 01.06.2020

Learning Activity Mat

English - SPaG

Reading - Question Stems

Maths - Lesson 1     Lesson 2    Lesson 3   Lesson 4

Maths answers - Lesson 1   Lesson 2   Lesson 3    Lesson 4

Week 2 - 08.06.2020

Learning Activity Mat

English - SPaG  

Reading - Question Stems

Maths - 

Lesson 1 - Decimals as fractions                                Lesson 1 Answers - Decimals as fractions 

Lesson 2 - Understand thousandths                          Lesson 2 Answers - Understand thousandths

Lesson 3 - Rounding decimals 2019                          Lesson 3 Answers - Rounding decimals 

Lesson 4 - Order and compare decimals                  Lesson 4 Answers - Order and compare decimals 

RE - What is commitment?

My Commitment Log

A Commitment Acrostic Activity 

Week 3 - 15.06.2020

Learning Activity Mat

English - SPaG       SPaG Answers

Reading - Question Stems        FIRSTNEWS_730

Maths (Yr 5) -         Lesson 1       Lesson 1 Answers        Lesson 2       Lesson 2 Answers       Lesson 3     Lesson 3 Answers     Lesson 4     Lesson 4 Answers

(Yr 4) -   Lesson 1    Lesson 1 Answers     Lesson 2     Lesson 2 Answers     Lesson 3     Lesson 3 Answers     Lesson 4    Lesson 4 Answers

Science - On Target            Moon Rover

Week 4 - 22.06.2020

English (Y5)....please ensure children that are in on Mon/Tue  or Th/Fri do not complete the purple task at home. Thank you

 Learning mat 22.06.2020    Images       Task one example       

Modal Verbs explained

SPaG activity

Maths (Y5)   Day 1      Answers      Day 2     Answers       

Day 3      Answers            Day 4     Answers


Week 5    29.06.20

Year 5 Home Learning mat week commencing 29th June 2020.pdf


1a Daily News Story.pdf

Investigate Explore Write Task 2 & 3.pdf

Reducing carbon footprint powerpoint for explore task

SPaG Relative Clause


Maths Video Links

1 - Maths Measuring with a protractor

Lesson 2-Drawing-lines-and-angles-accurately.pdf

Lesson 3-Calculating-angles-on-a-straight-line.pdf

Lesson 4-Calculating-angles-around-a-point.pdf


Week 10 Answers


Earth and Space Escape the Room.pptx

Recording Sheet Science.pdf

Clue Cards Science.pdf

Answer Sheet Science.pdf


Week 6 - 06.07.2020

Year 5 Home Learning mat W/C 6th July 2020


FADs Help_Fronted Adverbials Explanation.ppt

FADs Help_Fronted Adverbials Word Cards

English Task 2_Underneath


Task 2 & 3 FADs Word Mat


Lesson 1 - Regular and irregular polygons

Lesson 1 Answers - Regular and irregular polygons

Lesson 2 - Reasoning about 3D shapes

Lesson 2 Answers - Reasoning about 3D shapes

Lesson 3 - Reflection

Lesson 3 Answers - Reflection

Lesson 4 - Translation

Lesson 4 Answers - Translation


Escape the Wind Tunnel Clue Cards

Escape the Wind Tunnel Recording Sheet

Escape the Wind Tunnel Answers.pptx

Escape the Wind Tunnel Answers.pdf

Week 7 - 13.07.2020

Year 5 Home Learning Mat W/C 13th July 2020


Final writing task


Lesson 1 - Metric units

Lesson 1 Answers - Metric units

Lesson 2 - Imperial units

Lesson 2 Answers - Imperial units

Lesson 3 - Converting units of time

Lesson 3 Answers - Converting units of time

Lesson 4 - Timetables

Lesson 4 Answers - Timetables

Summer 1

Week 120th April 2020

Diary - WAGOLL

First Addition  - Newspaper

Week 227th April 2020

Resources for week 1 and 2

Newspaper - WAGOLL

DT - Instructions

Science - Game

Science - Life cycles

Slow write and newspaper images - Pictures


Week 3 - May 4th 2020.pdf


Dissolving Experiment.pdf

Science Year 5 planning template.doc

Information text checklist.docx


Week 4 - 11.5.2020

Learning Mat

Resources - English Success Criteria

Resources - Art

Resources - PE

Resources - Bingo

White Rose Maths worksheets and answers (week 4)





Lesson 3 Convert between Improper and mixed numbers 2019.pdf

Lesson 3 Answers Convert between Improper and mixed numbers 2019.pdf

Lesson 4 Compare and order fractions less than 1 2019.pdf

Lesson 4 Answers Compare and order fractions less than 1 2019.pdf


Week 5 - 18.05.20

Week 5 Learning Mat

English_Success Criteria

History_Games List

English_Storm Unicorn_WAGOLL.docx

English_KS2_WAGOLL (What a good one looks like)


Self Evaluation Check List.pdf

Maths Week 5 

Week 5 - All lessons and answers




Autumn 2 - Week 1 and 2

English Free Write images

Suggested Daily Activities.docx

English - Little Red Riding Hood Play script.docx

English - MSND playscript example

English - Forest in Flames p10-14

Uplevelling SPAG sentences Page 15

Maths Investigations.docx

Maths - Outside scavenger hunt.pdf


Welcome to Year 5


Curriculum Information

Parent Induction Meeting ppt - Parents Presentation

Autumn 2 Homework

Year group information and curriculum information

Maths - written method progression



Year 5 Maths Objectives  - Click to open

Maths Glossary of Key terms - Click to open

Times tables games



Year 5/6 English Programme of study - Click to open

Appendix 1 - Spelling - Click to open

Appendix 2 - Punctuation and Grammar Click to open