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Supporting Highly Able Pupils

In every school there will be highly able pupils, these are children who show a particular skill or aptitude in one or more curriculum subject.  At Abbeymead we work hard to ensure all our highly able children are extended and stretched to reach their full potential.  We expect all our teachers to have high expectations for pupils in their class and offer challenging work in all lessons.  Our class structures allows children to sometimes work in ability groups and in other lessons work in mixed ability groups. 

We define a highly able child as any child who is attaining above their 'Age Related Expectations’.  

Some examples of how we support highly able children include:

  • Liaising with local secondary schools to set up additional enrichment support from their teachers. 
  • Using questioning to develop a deeper level of understanding.
  • Work on developing the child’s depth of learning through application of skills in a range of contexts.
  • Developing attitudes to learning, a growth mindset outlook and problem solving skills so the children can tackle challenging work most effectively.


Depth of learning