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Parent Review Group

At Abbeymead we consider you, the parents and carers, partners in the education of your children. Therefore, we are always keen to receive your views and feedback. We have looked closely at the results of ‘Parent View’ hosted by Ofsted, and have considered carefully the responses from your written questionnaires. Last term the Parent Review Group (PRG) held a meeting to discuss issues raised by your feedback.

Communication with parents survey 

A great response to our Twitter survey and some very interesting comments that we take very seriously. The vote, for and against having Twitter was very much 50/50. Over the next few weeks we will be discussing next steps and we will keep you informed when these are finalised. 

Summary data

Homework Survey


Thank you very much for all 135 responses to our homework survey, the information is extremely useful and will help us to make sure our homework provision is the best it can be. 

Summary report of responses - Homework survey data


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