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Behaviour at Abbeymead


At Abbeymead Primary School, we pride ourselves on the fact that our children are well behaved in class, in and around school or when on visits away from school. We believe that it is very important that every pupil should experience success and that verbal and non-verbal rewards are used fairly and regularly. In order to do this we have identified two rules that are unique to our school.


These are:-

Be purple i.e. become a ‘purple learner – the highest rung on the behavioural ladder.

Be respectful i.e. use kind words and actions.


At the start of each year, every class establish key success criteria by which they will achieve these two very simple rules. For example, a group may decide that working hard and striving to improve are important in becoming a purple learner. Our whole school rules are discussed explicitly through our A (Awareness) B (Balance) C (Compassion) lessons where the children are encouraged to identify how they will demonstrate their commitment to our policy. 


Purple Learners

We work very hard to embed a creative curriculum that stimulates your children, that makes them question the world around them and develops them into confident and independent ‘life-long’ learners. We talk about ‘life-long’ learners, because primary school truly places the stepping stones for the rest of their futures.

As part of this, we challenge our children to always push themselves and to always ‘be the best’ they can be in everything that they set out to do. You may hear your children talk about being ‘purple learners’ or pushing themselves to be in the ‘challenge zone.’  Our pupils understand that being a purple learner demonstrates outstanding behaviour for learning. 



We take bullying very seriously and all stakeholders within our school will not tolerate any form of bullying within our school. Throughout the year we recognise anti bullying week, hold assemblies on bullying and it is included within our PSHCE curriculum. Please take some time to look at our Anti Bullying Pollicy and Behaviour Policy. Also, below there are some useful web links for parents to access.

On the most recent parent survey the results showed that many of you are not aware how we tackle bullying behaviour. For this reason we feel that it is important to give you more information about what we do as we take anti bullying very seriously at Abbeymead. 

We tackle it by involving the children in the following activities:

  • Work with the children to write class rules.
  • Reward co-operation and caring behaviour by group or individuals through our behaviour system.
  • Promote strategies for preventing bullying through the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL)
  • programme DfES.
  • Regularly reviewing the anti-bullying policy document.
  • Reading stories about bullying / having them read to a class / assembly.
  • Anti-bullying week whole school awareness campaigns. 
  • Class discussions about bullying and why it matters. 
  • Keeping a record of any bullying incidents.
  • Working closely with children and parents on individual cases.


Anti-bullying Policy


Useful Links

Anti-Bullying Allience - ABA and Red Balloon Learner Centres have worked in partnership to produce 'Information for Parents and Carers on Bullying' (pdf document).  The guide includes advice on supporting your child with bullying issues, information on bullying and the law, and guidance on how to make a complaint about bullying.

Bullying UK 

Anti-bullying Network -





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